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The criminal case is the most familiar aspect of DUI law, with the steps immediately prior to and following your arraignment being some of the most crucial.

Meeting prior to your arraignment with a qualified DUI litigator who can ask the right questions, ascertain your goals and provide a structure for the first month of the representation is essential to achieving ultimate success.

* This requires an attorney who can articulate your needs to the prosecutor and facilitate the best possible release conditions at your arrangement.

* Can engage in negotiations with the prosecution, while providing the necessary field work (photographs, aerial mapping, medical documentation etc.) to achieve your goals.

*  While achieving a client's goals early is rewarding, few DUI cases end in a formal negotiated settlement. More often suppression motions involving complex legal arguments and diligent study of the fact situation is where our firm sets itself apart from the competition.

*  Finally, DUI trial work on the criminal portion of your case utilizing some of the finest experts in their respective fields, a carefully selected jury panel and articulate, reasoned legal argument can lead to some of the most rewarding client outcomes and ultimately, victory.

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