Charges involving domestic violence are the most serious misdemeanor crimes that a person can be accused of. Domestic violence cases are prosecuted in Clark Country more aggressively than almost any place in the United States.

Under Washington law, even after a charge is resolved, a "No Contact Order" may stay in effect. This means that you could be barred from seeing your family, or even living in your own home. The disruption caused by such a charge affects your children, your relationship with your significant other, and your ability to provide for your family. When a person has been arrested for domestic violence, he or she may not have actually broken any law.

You can be prosecuted for domestic violence even if no injury occurred. Depending on the situation, an initial charge can lead to a felony very quickly if a person is found to be having contact with the alleged victim, a common problem when people live together or are married and have children.

You can be convicted and imprisoned, even if the alleged victim doesn't press charges or want you to be charged. You can be prohibited from seeing your family, and even denied custody or visitation rights. Considering the long-term consequences of such a charge, you should involve an experienced domestic violence attorney right away to discuss your options.

You will never regret hiring an experienced, zealous attorney to advocate on your behalf and protect your rights. A domestic violence charge can happen in a moment, make sure it doesn't last a lifetime.


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